Be a Better Pet Parent ...

          It’s tough to be a good Pet Parent!  There are so many things to remember. Medications, feedings, grooming, appointments, exercise, training, the list goes on. 

          Often, it takes an entire family to keep up with it all.  But how do you keep everyone organized and on schedule?  And what do you do when you have to leave your fur-friend with someone while you’re out of town?

It's so easy to forget ...

          Forgetting to give individual doses or forgetting to order refills on time, are the most common reasons we fail to take care of our pets. 

          Skipping even a single dose can lead to really BIG problems like deadly heartworm disease, itchy scratchy fleas, seizures, or even conditions that can affect people too, like Lyme, Brucella, and Ringworm!

... to the Rescue!

We can remind you of any thing regarding your pet’s care.  Set the reminder times that are convenient for your busy schedule and we’ll take care of the rest.  Then, when you take care of that task, you can record it to track your progress. 

It takes a Village ...

Because it often takes a village’s worth of people to care for a pet, we let you share the reminders and responsibility.  Just invite your family or friends to help you with those tasks, and everyone will get the same reminders and be able to see what’s been done.  You can even temporarily invite pet sitters when you go out of town!

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