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If your veterinarian is in our network we'll gather the data for you and start sending you reminders!


Set up your pet and their prescriptions manually. 

Heel! uses your smart phone's push notifications to remind you of medications that are due as well as the current dose that's been prescribed.  You'll never forget to give your furry (or purr-y!) friend their medications again!

How Does it Work?

Your veterinary care team enters and updates information regarding your pets' medications and needs directly into their medical records system

Get notifications of new prescriptions or prescriptions changed by your veterinary care team

Adjust the timing of the reminders so that they are convenient for your busy schedule

Share reminders with family members, pet-sitters, doggie daycares ... anyone that helps you take care of your pets!

Review the history of treatments from anywhere in the world, to make sure your fur-friends are being taken care of

Conveniently request prescription refills with the push of a button.  Requests are always up to date with the current dosing recommendations

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