The Heel! Web Portal

What makes Heel! such a powerful and valuable partner to your veterinary clinic is the real time communication tools that it provides.  Our web portal is your newest best friend in caring for your clients' best friends!

Add prescriptions to the profile for any pets that are under your care

You control the name, dose, and administration frequency

Owners control the timing of the reminders

Share Information With Partners

A benefit of Heel! is the sharing of information between you and your referral and emergency clinic partners.

With a single 'click' the owners can share the current prescriptions for their pet, without having to remember to bring all the pill bottles or rack their memories for drug names and doses!  And, if your referral and emergency partners make changes or prescribe new drugs, you can see those on the web-portal in real-time!

The Power of Heel!

Veterinarians are a caring bunch of people.  Typically they chose the field because they love animals and the families that love them too.  So, every choice a veterinary practitioner makes in the course of their work takes this into account.  It's in the Veterinary Oath after all!

Veterinary practice owners also make choices of what to provide in their clinic (services, medications, apps) with patient care first and foremost in their minds.  However, it's also incumbent on the practice to keep their business healthy.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to pay their bills and stay in business to take care of their patients!

Luckily, with Heel! these two professional pressures (keeping pets healthy and keeping the business healthy) are able to come together in perfect harmony!

Heel! not only helps you take better care of your pets, it pays for itself in improved client adherence to your treatment plan.  Curious how we're able to do all that?  Just get in touch to start a discussion and join the network!

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