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Sharing caretaker duties

This is the second post in our 'Heel! Functions' category of our blog. This is where we'll outline some of the things that Pet Parents can do with the Heel! app. There's quite a few functions we offer and more will be rolling out soon, so stay tuned!

See the '+ Add' button here? That's what we're talking about in this blog post

When our dog, Riley, was on chemotherapy; one of the problems we often ran into was the question of whether or not my wife or I had already given him his medications for that day/round. We synced up our phone calendars so we knew what to give, and we had a pill box for his medications as well as a calendar on the fridge to help us tell whether he'd already gotten his them or not. Of course, we also chatted and texted about it!

Heel! can help take care of that issue if it's a problem in your house. (It's still a problem in ours, but now it's just the flea and heartworm preventatives!) When you're in the app on your pet-list, look at the icon below your pet's name that is titled 'Details'. Clicking there takes you to the screen that shows your pet's demographic information (age, breed, that sort of thing). If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see a list of 'Parents'. There's also a button titled 'Add'.

Clicking the 'Add' button gives you a place to add an email for a caretaker you'd like to invite to share in your pet's care responsibilities. This could be a spouse, child, or other family member. Because you have the ability to add or remove them at any time, it's also a great place to invite pet-sitters or doggie daycares as temporary caretakers. Adding a 'Parent' sends an email to the address inviting that individual to download the app and accept the same push notifications that you get for your pet's care. This way, they know what to give and when to give it!

Finally, if you go back to the pet-list and click on the icon titled 'Meds' under your pet; you'll see an icon in the list that looks like a calendar. This is the history of when you or another caretaker has told us you gave the medications. So if you see a recent administration, you'll know that it's been taken care of and you can move on to more important things like belly-rub-time!!

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