• Jason King

Heel! hates heartworms!

This is our first blog post under the category, 'Why did you make the Heel! app?'. While the driving force behind the app is explained on our 'About Us' page of the website, we had a few other compelling reasons we'll outline for y'all in these posts.

Heel! is based in Savannah, GA. It's called the Hostess City and it's bea-U-tiful here! One of the things we love most about this city is how pet-friendly it is. There are lots of parks here and you see people out walking their dogs all the time. There are even two cat cafes in town, Purrvana and Pounce!

Still, for all her beauty, Savannah has a darker side. No, we're not talking about the ghosts here in one of America's most haunted cities (mwahhha hahaha haha!) We're talking about the state bird of the South, the Skeeter ...

Heartworm disease is endemic to this area (all of the US for that matter), and the South is a hotbed for this terrible, yet preventable disease. Did you know that the first heartworm preventative medications were administered daily? Now we have medications to prevent these monsters from infesting your best friend that are given only monthly or even every 6 months! Talk about convenient. But with that convenience comes a risk that we'll forget or be late in giving these life-saving little treats to our fur-babies.

This is one of the things that Heel! excels at. We can remind you to give your pet their medications whether it's monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, yearly, or quarterly! And, since one of the most common reasons people forget to take their own medications is because they forgot to order refills, we've got that covered too! When you're recording a dose in the app (just touch your push notification and it'll take you there), you can 'click' the refill request button right then and there to send a note to your veterinary care team that you're running low.

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