• Jason King

First Blog Post

Well, here we go! You may have noticed that we just updated our website with some paint and polish, but there have also been some changes taking place under-the-hood! Like this new blog we just started!

Thought you might like to see some of the color combinations we went through when putting this all together....

There are also some changes in the app and how it behaves, with some other functions rolling out soon. The idea behind this blog was to give us another place to interact with our fans and other Pet Parents. (we're a communication platform after all!) There will be some basic categories we'll try to fit things into, but there might be some oddball posts here and there as well. Who knows?

The categories we're going to try and focus on at the beginning are:

  • Why did we make Heel!?

  • What functions does the app provide?

  • What hacks or interesting uses have other Pet Parents found for the app?

Of course, we'd love to hear any suggestions for blog posts our readers might have as well. We might even be able to pull a few strings and try and get some guest bloggers in here. That way you don't have to just read our boring prose. Hey! maybe we'll throw in a little haiku for fun, too!


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