• Jason King

Data Collection and Privacy

This is the first blog post under the category, 'For Veterinarians'. Here we'll be posting information for veterinary clinics on Heel! and why it might be a good fit for your practice.

Heel! takes data protection and privacy very seriously

Everyone is concerned with data collection and data privacy these days. And for very good reason! To that end, I wanted to take a moment and outline in very plain English exactly what data Heel! collects from veterinary clinics' Practice Information Management Systems (PIMS) and our app users. I also wanted to make crystal clear to everyone what exactly we do with all that data {SPOILER ALERT- Nothing!}

When Heel! pulls information from a veterinary practice's PIMS, it is uploaded to our cloud server and held under an anonymous token. The token is only accessible when the Pet Parent signs in under the email address the veterinary clinic has on file. There are several steps in the sign-up process to help protect that data and prevent it being accessed by anyone other than the Pet Parent.

Data points that we collect include the Pet Parent's email address and information on all their pets. For the pets, we store the species, age, sex, reproductive status, breed, and microchip ID # (if available). For each individual pet, we collect the active prescription data that we use to generate the reminders. That includes the name of the recurrent therapy, dosage unit, type of unit, recommended frequency of administration, and prescribed duration of treatment.

After that, we only collect data for new prescriptions as outlined previously. There is no financial data or other identifiable information collected on your clients.

App usage data is natively collected as Pet Parent's use Heel! This information includes time stamps for drug administration and manually added recurrent therapies for the owners to use as their own reminder system. We consider all data housed on the Heel! server to be the property of the Pet Parent. The individual Pet Parents have ultimate control over the sharing and portability of this data. By choosing to list a veterinary clinic as one of the caretakers for their pet, the owner is giving permission for that veterinary clinic to access and review usage data and to monitor and adjust recurrent prescription data. This data is NEVER shared with anyone other than the 'co-parents' the Pet Parent chooses and the veterinary clinics they list as caretakers for their pets. We will NEVER share data the data we collect with any third-party without the express consent and at the request of the Pet Parent.

Data privacy is everyone's concern. Here at Heel! we want everyone to rest assured that your pet's safety and well-being is our primary concern. And that extends to their data as well...

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