• Jason King

Because pill bottles are pet-proof! (mostly)

This is our second blog post under the category, 'Why did you make the Heel! app?'. While the driving force behind the app is explained on our 'About Us' page of the website, we had a few other compelling reasons we'll outline for y'all in these posts.

Reasons people forget to take their own medications (almost certainly the same reasons they forget to give meds to their pets!)

Chronic medications are common for both pets and people. Whether it's insulin for diabetics, anti-convulsants for seizure patients, or flea-and-tick prevention for healthy pets; chances are your furry friends are on chronic medications too!

Finding data regarding the appropriate use and administration of medications in people is tough; it's next to impossible to find reliable information regarding this issue in pets. In the end, we have to extrapolate from what's been shown in human medicine and take that with a big grain of salt (maybe an entire salt-lick?). That's what's represented in the graph above. It might not be exact but it's a pretty close approximation since pet's can't open pill bottles on their own, unless they chew 'em up!

When you break all this down, there are two main reasons people (and pets!) don't get medications the way their doctors intend. Luckily, Heel! helps with BOTH of these issues!

Forgetting to take your medications is a common problem for busy people and pet parents. Heel! fixes this issue by sending you reminders every time a dose is due. We can send those reminders multiple times a day, every few days, every few weeks, even every few years! And, no matter what the recurrent need is (think grooming visits, veterinary recheck appointments, etc.) we can send you those reminders. When you tap the push notification reminder, we also allow you to store the date and time you gave the medications, so you won't have to wonder if you remembered or not. Imagine, if you could remotely check to see if you left the oven or the clothes iron on at home!

The other common reason for not getting medications as intended is that people often forget to reorder their supplies. That may be dog food, actual medication tablets, or other supplies. As you probably know, I'm also a veterinary neurologist, and we often get urgent requests for prescription refills as pet parents run out of medications and forget to request them sooner. Because Heel! allows you to request refills with the push of a button from the screen you're using to record that you gave those medications, we help you make these requests in a more timely fashion. That way, you never run out of what you need to take care of your pets.

Keep in mind, this function is only available if your veterinary clinic is in our network. If they are, you'll see a prescription refill button on your medication screen

Want to get more out of your Heel! app? Just talk to your veterinarian about joining the network and ask them to get in touch with us! There are some other functions you gain, as a pet parent, when your clinic is in our network. For instance, we allow multiple veterinarians to make adjustments to the same pet's care plan. For pets that see multiple doctors or even veterinary specialists (like myself) this is very, very helpful to everyone involved. That's why we say we are 'shameless promotors of Pet Parenthood'!

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