• Jason King

Adding non-prescription treatment needs for your pet

This is the first post in our 'Heel! Functions' category of our blog. This is where we'll outline some of the things that Pet Parents can do with the Heel! app. There's quite a few functions we offer and more will be rolling out soon, so stay tuned!

Wanna know why this doesn't look like your app page? Well, it's a sneak peek of the new paint and polish we're adding! Whaddya think? Leave a comment below

If you give your pets vitamins or other supplements that you purchase yourself without a prescription, Heel! can still help you remember these things as well. To add a new treatment that you're giving your pet, just find your pet in your pet-list. There will be a button titled 'Meds'; click it! At the bottom of the screen is another button titled 'Add meds'. Click that one now.

The next screen asks you about the medication or therapy that you want to prescribe for your pet. Just enter the name and pertinent information (tablet or capsule strength, for example). The number and type of units will depend on what you're setting the reminder for. If you're setting it for a medication, then just type in tablet, capsule, or mL. If you're setting a reminder for food or treats, then just use a unit like cups, scoops, or chews. Then set the frequency that you want us to remind you of these things, set the times you want us to send you a reminder, and you're done!

We've had some of our Pet Parents use this to remind themselves to take their pets for a walk. Still others have used it to remind themselves of a training schedule. What uses will you come up with for this app function? Let us know in the comments below!

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