The Heel! Ecosystem

Heel! has been designed to be almost invisible.  Unobtrusive with minimal impact on your practice workflows, Heel! provides seamless communication with your clients.  The entire network is meant to be transparent and entirely focused on the individual pet and their treatment plan needs.  

Add and edit prescriptions for any pets that are under your care, make on-the-fly adjustments in real-time

What is a prescription, anyway?  Is it a volume of food for weight loss, a training regimen, or insulin for a diabetic patient?  Perhaps it's a bandage change, vaccine, or recheck appointment?

No change to your current workflow.  Just write medical records and prescriptions in your clinic's software and Heel! picks that information up and starts working right away.

The Heel! Difference

Communication is the key to many problems in healthcare for pets and people.  The issue with most attempts to address this problem, is that the end-user doesn't use it.  How often do you check your online medical records portal for yourself?

As a Pet Parent, we all want to take great care of our pets.  As a veterinarian, we want to help our Pet Parents in this quest.  So, how often do you communicate with your clients about their pet's health?  Twice a year?  But you recommend certain treatments every month, year, multiple times a day, every fiscal quarter!?

What if you were able to not only remind your clients of everything their pets need and that you recommend, but do it multiple times a day if necessary, conveniently on their schedule, and with easy to use alerts on their mobile phone?

The Power of Heel!

Veterinarians are a caring bunch of people.  Typically they chose the field because they love animals and the families that love them too.  So, every choice a veterinary practitioner makes in the course of their work takes this into account.  It's in the Veterinary Oath after all!

Veterinary practice owners also make choices of what to provide in their clinic (services, medications, apps) with patient care first and foremost in their minds.  However, it's also incumbent on the practice to keep their business healthy.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to pay their bills and stay in business to take care of their patients!

Luckily, with Heel! these two professional pressures (keeping pets healthy and keeping the business healthy) are able to come together in perfect harmony!

Heel! not only helps you take better care of your pets, it pays for itself in improved client adherence to your treatment plan.  Curious how we're able to do all that?  Just get in touch to start a discussion and join the network!

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