Heel! Web Portal

What makes Heel! such a powerful and valuable partner to your veterinary clinic is the real time communication tools that it provides.  Our web-portal is your newest best friend in caring for your client's best friends!

Through the web-portal you are able to add prescriptions to the profile for any pets that are under your care.  You control the drug name, dose, and administration frequency.  The owners control the timing of the reminders.

While Heel! is powerful in aiding owners with the administration of routine preventative medications (flea and tick preventatives, heartworm prophylaxis), where we really shine is the administration of chronic medications like insulin and anti-convulsants, and improving compliance with short-term prescriptions such as antibiotics.

Another benefit is the sharing of information between you and your referral and emergency clinic partners.  With a single 'click' the owners can share the current prescriptions for their pet, without having to remember to bring all the pill bottles or rack their memories for drug names and doses!  And, if your referral and emergency partners make changes or prescribe new drugs, you can see those on the web-portal in real-time!

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