Keep your pets close with Heel!

Heel! is an app designed to help you keep your pets close to you and to allow you and your veterinary care team to communicate seamlessly regarding your pets' medications.

Heel! starts working as soon as you download the app and enter your pets' information.  Just choose your veterinarian from a menu of our partner veterinary clinics, or enter their information yourself, and we'll do the rest!

When a veterinary clinic joins our network of veterinary care providers, they are able to enter and update information regarding your pets' medications.  You'll get a notification alerting you to the fact that a new medicine has been prescribed or that a prescription has been changed by your veterinary care team.  Adjust the timing of the reminders so that they are convenient for your busy schedule and you're done!

Heel! uses your smart phone's push notifications to remind you of medications that are due as well as the current dose that's been prescribed.  You'll never forget to give your furry (or purr-y!) friend their medications again!

Just click the links below to download the app from your favorite app store to get started!  If you don't see your veterinary clinic in the menu of partner practices, don't worry!  Just manually enter your veterinary clinic's information and we'll get in touch to introduce them to the power of Heel!

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