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You're losing control of your pharmacy!

Many veterinary clinics are seeing a loss of pharmacy sales from online competitors.  Currently, national averages show this as a loss of 5-10%, but that number just keeps climbing!  Unfortunately, it’s not only the clinic that suffers in this situation.  There are many examples of expired or counterfeit medications being provided through these retailers.  So, your patients aren’t even getting the quality of care that you’re prescribing!

Compliance is your business' disease

Communication is the cure!

Treatment plan adherence (aka compliance) is a tough problem in veterinary medicine.  It's more than forgetting to give medications or request refills in an appropriate time frame.  It's also recurrent appointments, bloodwork, diagnostics, and even feeding schedules and amounts!  Pet Parents truly want to take good care of their pets.  But today's hectic schedules make that increasingly difficult.  And the other communication options on the market are cumbersome for your doctors and staff.

Attract the clients that you WANT to work with!

Veterinary clinics grow by taking on new clients and new patients.  That's a given.  However, industry experts make recommendations for new client numbers that range from 1-4 new clients per working day!  Have you ever wondered why there's such a big range in these recommendations?  Wouldn’t you rather have a smaller number of excellent Pet Parents that will adhere to your treatment plan than a bunch of clients that aren’t going to take good care of their pets?  Quality beats quantity in this case!  Let Heel! show you how you can attract and keep those Pet Parents you really want to work with.

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