Forgetting your pets' medications can cause BIG PROBLEMS!

Even something so simple and common as heartworm preventatives are life-saving medications when given correctly.  Some pets even need insulin or anti-seizure medications to remain healthy!  Heel! helps you and your family take better care of your pets by making sure that you're reminded every time a dose or treatment is due.  Whether it's something your fur-friend needs multiple times a day, every few months, or even every few years; we'll keep you current.

Built for today's busy lifestyles

Everyone is busy, pet owners more than most!  Heel! allows you to set the timing of any reminders so that they are convenient for your busy schedule.  Because Heel! integrates with your veterinary clinics' medical records, we can update your veterinarians' recommendations in real-time even if those recommendations are made outside of an office visit! 


And with the convenience of 'one-click' we can send a prescription refill request directly to your veterinarian so you never run out of what your pet needs again!  Whether that's a life saving medication or a prescription food, Heel! is here to help!

Communication is key!

Many pets will see many vets over the course of their lifetimes.  Sometimes, that's a local emergency clinic, for other pets, referral to a specialist is necessary to control or treat their disease.  Heel! is a network that allows multiple veterinary clinics to work in concert in the 'cloud' to prescribe therapies and medications for your pets.  With real-time on-the-fly updating of your pets' recurrent treatment needs, everyone is always on the same page!

Because Heel! creates a communication network centered on your pet, we're able to help with LOTS more than just medications.  We can remind you of veterinary clinic visits, necessary diagnostic testing like bloodwork or x-rays, and even recommended training or exercise schedules!

It takes a village ...

It's an old (but true!) adage that it 'takes a village to raise a child'.  And that same statement holds true with regard to our pets!

Oftentimes, many family members share responsibility in caring for our pets.  Children help with feeding and going for walks, pet-sitters step in to assist when we're out of town, and everyone needs a reminder to give medications on time!

Heel! is built with the family network in mind.  Sharing notifications is simple through the app, and everyone can immediately see whether something has been done by someone else or if your pet is still in need of help!

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