The Heel! Story

The idea behind the Heel! App came from our founders' experience in caring for their own sick pets.  


As pet parents themselves, they sometimes had trouble remembering what drugs and what doses to give their pets.  And neither one was ever sure if the other had given them or had forgotten!  Still, monthly heartworm and parasite prevention wasn't too tough, they just set reminders in their phones and remembered to double-check with each other.  It was cumbersome, but it worked...


Then one day, Riley, was diagnosed with cancer, and things got a lot more difficult.  Riley had surgery to remove his arm and did great as a tri-pawd, but the chemotherapy was complicated and it seemed the doses changed every week or two.  When Riley was diagnosed with a second form of cancer while on therapy for the first diagnosis, things got really hairy!  At one point, he was taking 5 - 7 different medicines on completely different schedules!

It wasn't just their own pets, though.  As a veterinary neurologist, Dr. King saw his clients suffering with the same problems.  Even worse, some of the pets under his care weren't doing as well as they should have been because the owners weren't able to keep up with the complicated schedules.  Many of them used paper calendars at home or tried to share their smart phone calendars as reminders.  But this solution collapsed the moment any changes were made to the prescriptions while at the vets' office.

That's when Heel! was born.  

Our Team

Jason King 

Board-certified in veterinary neurology and trained in veterinary neurosurgery and acupuncture, Jason didn't find his passion in veterinary medicine until a little later in life.  He bounced around between careers in marine biology, zymurgy (brewing beer), and environmental science before he found his calling in caring for pets.

Jason is from a small town in South Carolina and graduated from the University of Georgia's College of Veterinary Medicine.  He did extensive post-doctoral training at Virginia Tech and finished his residency in neurology and neurosurgery at the University of California-Davis.  He has additional certifications in neurosurgery, acupuncture, and intervertebral disc replacement for dogs.

He found his true love in Jori and their son, Grey, soon followed.  

Jori King

Trained as a veterinary technician, Jori bounced around careers a little, too.  Her first degree is in the culinary arts, and she's still an avid foodie and home-chef.  In the past she's been a realtor and web-designer.

Jori was born in Dallas, Texas but grew up in Connecticut.  She has a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales and a degree in veterinary technology.

Jori and Jason started their family with 5 fur-babies: the queen bee Taz, a big lug named Fezzik, a little spitfire named Rooster, the gentleman Jasper, and the adorable goofball Riley.  Riley was the inspiration for Heel! following his bone tumor diagnosis.

Since then, they've added a new feline empress, Mira, and a bouncing baby boy named Greyson.


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